I Sleep Easier At Night Now…

Thanks to The NIC Group and the Solutions they provide, I never have to worry about my data being backed up and stored in a secure environment. I can’t tell you how thankful I am to have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place now; I never hope I have to use it, but it gives me great peace of mind knowing that if I did, I won’t be unpleasantly surprised.

Robert Friedman, CFO BAMCO Inc.
I Can’t Recommend Them Strongly Enough…

The biggest reason I use The NIC Group is for the peace of mind they give me. Their NIC_BDR Solution automatically backs up our data every night without fail. Plus, they monitor our servers, logs, and the health of our network 24/7/365 to make sure everything is running properly and to make sure lower-level maintenance on the network is getting done as well. They really make it easy and affordable too… I can’t recommend them strongly enough to any small business owner who doesn’t have the time or money to deal with computer problems.

Joy Sadlo, Office Manager
Thank you ALL for coming up with a solution to my issue last night!

I am so pleased that I did not lose 1.5 hours’ worth of work (from 11pm – 12:30am) as I thought I had and I am REALLY glad I sent you the email at 12:57am after I had tried to locate my file for another 25 minutes! Thanks again!

Linda DiLorenzo, Controller Trenk, DiPasquale, Della Fera & Sodono, P.C.
Thanks for a job well done!

The installation and data conversion for our new IT Systems had my partner and myself nervous. The NIC Group’s dedication, combined with their pursuit of nothing less than complete client satisfaction, is unparalleled to anything we have seen in the IT Industry.

Tony Accardo, Partner Precision Line Electric
We pay for confidence and trust. We pay for convenience.

I think it is worth having a quality IT group that provides competent, professional and comprehensive service for something that everyone in the office depends upon every day. NIC Group has experienced technicians who promptly address an issue when needed, answers questions and provides explanations such that their customer grows in understanding, and offers recommendations and suggestions when it comes time to consider new hardware. Our system is regularly monitored for possible problems, which gives me greater assurance that serious problems are being prevented and it will be kept operating properly. Consistent attention to our system also gives me confidence that our data is being backed up regularly and properly. The NIC Group is sensitive to our needs as their customer and care about having a good, ongoing working relationship. I am happy to know that there are qualified, reliable people who keep our system running smoothly and are able to handle any problems that come up.

Fr. Tom Odorizzi St Peters Church - Diocese of Metuchen
… the best choice for IT services…

I feel that the NIC Group is the best choice for IT services in the area. When I started my own practice I made sure they came to work with me at the new office.

Michael McLaughlin McLaughlin Law firm
…Complete trust and confidence...

I have complete trust and confidence in the NIC Group. They saved me from losing my whole operation due to malware. Then they went the extra step to educate me on how to operate my systems successfully moving forward.

Steve Vorrius Victory Executive Group
… We have used their services for 10+ years and have always been very satisfied…

The NIC Group performed an office move for us in the middle of a major winter storm. The outcome was way past our expectations and they persevered through the weather and the problems that come with a new facility. We have used their services for about 10 years and have always been very satisfied with the quality of their staff and their work.

Daniel M. Stolz, Esq. Wasserman, Jurista & Stolz, P.C.